Aditya Birla Group’s Essel Mining and Industries Ltd (EMIL) plans to cut 2.15 lakh trees in BUXWAHA FOREST to take Hero out of the mine.

BUXWAHA FOREST is located in Chhatarpur district near Panna in Madhya Pradesh.This is a guess. That there are 342 million carats of diamonds in the forest of Buxwaha. Where as to get these diamonds, valuable natural resources of this forest and herbs and other trees will have to be cut. This mining project will destroy 382.131 hectares of forest. Is it worth doing?

5,000 tribal people earn their livelihood from the natural resources of the forest. Due to environmental damage and eviction of tribal people who have lived here for generations. The project has been strongly opposed in 2014.

But in 2019, the Madhya Pradesh government had issued a tender for the auction of this forest for the mining project. This tender has won by Aditya Birla Group Essel Mining and Industries Limited. The MP government has leased 62.64 hectares of this forest’s valuable forest land to the Birla Group for the next fifty years.

Why is this important?

According to a census of the Forest Department, there are 2,15,875 trees in the Buxwaha forest. To carry out this excavation, the forest’s wealth of natural resources, including teak, cane, behada, banyan, jamun, tendu, arjuna, and other medicinal trees, totals to 2,15,875, all of which will have to be cut.

The local people are strongly opposing it. And that for good reason!

Also the cost of this project may be around Rs 55000 crore. When mining will take place in 62.64 hectare area. So why is this company demanding 382.13 hectares of land? 382.13 The additional forest area will be used for setting up of supporting infrastructure for this project. In which 2.15 lakh trees that will be cut will mainly be helpful in accommodating the supporting infrastructure.

ESSEL Mining demanding a ban on this project. And a Public Interest Litigation (PIL) has been filed in the Supreme Court against the Aditya Birla Group. That the Court should restrain the respondents from wasting the natural resources of the country in the name of development. The petition states that by allowing deforestation, the Madhya Pradesh government has violated the environmental laws and fundamental rights of the people of the region.

We will wait for the court’s decision. We will gather support. And add your voice to this campaign. Can you imagine losing over 2 lakh trees?

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