In a previous post I told you Top 5 Psychological Thriller Movies. But in today’s post I am going to tell you about Game over Psychological Thriller Movie . So let’s explain about Game over Psychological Thriller Movie.



A nyctophobic woman has to fight her inner demons to survive in a game called Life.

Game Over review:

Hollywood has succeeded in turning games into movies. And Game Over is a new effort by a director in Tollywood. But unlike Hollywood movies, Ashwin Saravanan doesn’t base his story on the arcade game Pac-Man. Rather use it to advance the story.

The film begins with the brutal murder of a woman. More news shows how this is the beginning of a horrific serial murder. Then we are introduced to Swapna. Who is an avid player. One who is afraid of the dark. Her nyctophobia is first triggered by a personal tragedy. Which happened only a year ago.

And unable to come to terms with it, she closes herself to the world, to her parents. And lives with her caretaker Kalamma. The only thing that drives him forward. That is her love for gaming, and one thing she wants to do. That is to beat your own score in Pac-Man. But his life changes when he finds out.

That the ink was used to make the tattoo on his wrist. In it are the ashes of a stranger girl, and her dark past has returned to haunt her. Then things get worse. When she becomes the target of a serial killer. Will Swapna be able to beat Zindagi in her own game? Or is one life too short for him to defeat the demons?

This is Taapsee’s first release in Tamil after almost four years. And he has zealously sank his teeth into the character. When the past flashes before his eyes. So he comes back in a shell. It moves with full force to attack its attackers. Or finally expresses its state of mind subtly. She does them easily. Oh, and her lip-sync is almost bang on. Vinodini as Kamalamma is natural. And Sanchana, though she appears in only a few scenes, makes an impact.

Ashwin has come a long way from Maya (his directorial debut) and it clearly shows. That’s how he has packaged the film. To justify the title would have been taking the easy way out by showing the protagonist as a gamer or game developer, he intelligently added elements of gaming to the script.

Thereby it became an integral part of the statement. Revealing anything else about it here would be just a spoiler. He’s also paid a lot of attention to the setting; From posters to sculptures, they convey the mood of the film. And also bring a sense of deja vu. He has also subtly entered a supernatural element to make the story plausible. Some are afraid of jumping, but they are more than what the eye can see.

And not because of the fear of the invisible. And the shading of spring manages to capture them well enough. Another plus of the film is the background score by Ron Ethan Yohan. Though loud at places, the kind of impact a psychological thriller has. need to make it. The first half lasts a little longer than we would like.

And Ashwin takes so long to establish the plot. But Richard Kevin’s editing makes the second half juicy and crisp. The film has many layers. Both psychological and paranormal – and though the makers sort it out at their own pace. These moments are what make this film interesting.

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