In a previous post I told you Top 5 Psychological Thriller Movies. But in today’s post I am going to tell you about Mardaani 2 Psychological Thriller Movie . So let’s explain about Mardaani 2 Psychological Thriller Movie.

Mardaani 2


In this sequel to the 2014 original, top police officer Shivani Shivaji Roy (Rani Mukerji) is pitted against a brutal young serial killer. Who also rapes young women before brutally murdering them. Will Shivani be able to catch him before he strikes again?


In the very first scene, writer-director Gopi Puthran gives the tone of his film that of a psycho killer. Brutally set as a chilling saga. As the body count is increasing in the education center Kota of Rajasthan. The ruthless young killer Sunny (Vishal Jethwa) challenges Shivani. that if she can stop her.
Rani Mukerji once again stole the show with her measured and restrained demeanor. She doesn’t go over the top with theatrics.

But captures the nuances needed to play a serious top cop. Deals with heinous crimes, rape victims and a violent murderer. She strikes a fine balance between being powerful and weak at the same time.
The film’s antagonist Vishal Jethwa is a revelation. And confidently holds his own against a powerhouse artist like Rani. He looks innocent. But gives quite a chilling performance for a budding artist. He fixes the rustic Rajasthani accent. Enough to add more danger.

The pace of the film is relentless and adds to the thrill. We even see the villains consistently (and quite unbelievably) outwit the cops. The first and second part are equally fascinating. In which there is no song to interrupt the proceedings. Thankfully, the background score is subtle too.
The writing of the film repeatedly brings up gender inequality and prejudice. The director gives us a glimpse into Sunny’s troubled past. But also gives his character a lot smarter. Which makes something seem unreal.

Even breaking the fourth wall and talking to the audience doesn’t help. The film stereotypes its male characters. Almost all of them are portrayed as anti-feminist and insensitive to the plight of women.
However, it is a show of conviction and a gripping narrative. Which ensures that there is never a dull moment in Mardaani 2. Yes, it is a cruel story. Which is sometimes difficult to fill. But it should be told. And none better than a queen in a khaki to lead the show.

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