In a previous post I told you Top 5 Psychological Thriller Movies. But in today’s post I am going to tell you about them. So let’s explain about Top 5 Psychological Thriller Movies.

  1. The number one movie is Ratnasan Psychological Thriller This movie has got 8.5 out of 10 rating in imdb rating, it is one of the best Suspense thriller film which has won. In this film you will get to see the best actor like Vishnu Vishal Amala Paul in the lead role. And this movie like by 92% by google user.

Ratsasan Movie Review:

In the beginning of the Ratnasan Psychological Thriller movie, we get to see a murder. in which it is shown. that a mysterious assailant leads a captive woman. and begins to kill her with his axe. It is only before we feel a shock that we see that it is actually a film shoot. And only then, we also learn that it is a dream – that of an aspiring filmmaker Arun Kumar (Vishnu Vishal).

Arun wants to make a film on a serial killer. But he has to face rejection at every single step. These scenes seem to be a reference to that. But for Arun, pressure from his family forces him to become a cop. His late father was a cop and it was not too difficult for him to join the police department.
And then the conspiracy begins. A girl is brutally murdered and Arun learns that it may be linked to a previous case. All the research he did for the script of his film made him realize that it could be the work of a serial killer. And there were hardly any clues. Soon, another pair of murders take place.

Which only increases his resolve to catch the killer.
For the most part Ratsasan is a capable thriller. There is a twist in storytelling. Especially till the interval block, which keeps us hooked. Even the inevitable romance – Amala Paul plays a teacher. Which Arun liked very much.
The story falters in the second half when a personal loss threatens to steer the film towards melodrama that doesn’t suit this content, but Ram Kumar manages to avoid that loss.

But once the revelation involving the killer (whose presence Vikram remembers from Aye), instead of wrapping things up fast, he indulges towards the end to end the final act. The backstory is both familiar and unique, but the character of an overbearing senior officer is jarring.
When it comes to violence, directors do not hold back. And instead of horrifying scenes, he uses editing and music to make us feel the violence. The spooky, almost wall-to-wall score by Ghibran and tight editing by San Lokesh really heightens the tension and lends a sit-of-the-seat vibe to the proceedings. …

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