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All is going well for DCP Aditya (Sudheer Babu) in his life, until a criminal (Nani) decides to challenge him. Who is the killer who left the body and his signature is ‘V'(v(flim2020)) on the back. And what does he have to do with Aditya, the story becomes.
Review v(flim2020):

The first show on the first day after a long six months, it popped into the minds of many movie buffs when it was announced that V would hit OTT. The novelty of Mohan Krishna Indraganti, who made crime thriller, did not fall on anyone. But is this movie really worth the hype that came with it? Well…
DCP Aditya (Sudheer Babu) is a super-cop. Which exposes the crime in whole of Hyderabad. He is Hyderabad Times Most Desirable Person for the year 2019. Kills criminals and runs marathons during the day. Walks on ramps and parties at night. His life is really perfect. Especially when the girl he wants. A typical crime novelist named Apoorva Ramanujan (Nivetha Thomas) likes him as much as he likes her. And so does his family. A series of gruesome murders committed by an unknown, mysterious person (Nani), complete with notes addressed to Aditya. And challenges her to step up her game. What happens is a chase. which ends on a predictable note.
Anyone who grew up on an Indian crime thriller can smell the ‘twist’ in. The V coming from a mile away. Even Aditya wrinkles his forehead in every other scene to find out . What’s going on as he discusses the matter with Apoorva. Who is his newly appointed mentor. And no matter how hard the producers try to clear doubts on certain characters. You just know how it is going to end.
But all is not over. Because Granny is here to save the day. With glowing tanned skin, glowing green eyes, his character gets his sweet time in the limelight. He gets repeat scenes when he messes with fellow travelers for cheap adventures while traveling from Hyderabad. To various places Nani revels in her gray character. He even chuckles in a few scenes. Bringing forth a performance that is believable to him as a man broken beyond repair. She is the only ray of hope in a film that sometimes falls apart. Despite the antithesis of this story, Nani also gets some whistle-worthy moments and entries.
Sudheer Babu plays the role of a super-cop. He is believable in action sequences, especially scenes that require him to be shirtless. However, his performance, especially in some key scenes, fails to make an impression. Nivetha Thomas and Aditi Rao Hydari’s characters have potential, but get lost in all the testosterone on display. They give their best to characters who remain basic . And after a point just seem to be around to play catalysts in a story that’s about two men fighting. Nivetha Thomas plays her character with a melodramatic touch . And Aditi Rao gets a scene to show off her acting skills, but that’s about it. PG Vinda’s camerawork, Thaman S’s BGM and Martand’s Venkatesh’s editing do their best to hold . This film together and they succeed for the most part.
With V, Mohan Krishna Indraganti takes a gamble. And tries to show that he can do more than create feel-good drama. And the movies he shows, despite the predicament, certainly have the potential to be more. If only it extended beyond the usual tropes. It’s not an impromptu movie by any measure. As it certainly has moments of it that will make you want to know .What happens next (even if you were to see if you were right). It’s just a shame that it’s not as extraordinary as it promises to be.

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