April Fool: Fooling with people is one of the easiest tasks that brightens everyone’s face and makes them happy or giggle. However, committing such things on 1st April gives huge satisfaction. From picking up healthy pranks around making people laugh, the day is full of surprises. Let’s get to know the history and significance of this funniest day.

April Fools’ Day 2021 History

Every year on 1st April, we observe this day. It’s the official day of all the jokesters to crack their lame pranks on people around them. Do you know the origin of the day? The origin of this day dates back to 1582 when France shifted from the Julian calendar to the Gregorian calendar. The switch took place because France has decided to commence their New Year with the Spring Equinox, which takes place around 1st April. After the switch, citizens failed to recognize the change and kept celebrating 1st April as New Year. Hence, ever since then, all the citizens of France were termed ‘April Fools’.

Well, this is not the only incident related to the event, there are many such incidents in history regarding April Fool’s Day. Well, the day is observed as a national holiday in Odesa (Ukraine).

April Fool Significance

The significance of this day is culturally and historically relevant. In fact, it’s quite necessary nowadays as the COVID-19 pandemic is once again spreading its wing at a rapid speed. Amid all this tension and stress, people have forgotten to laugh, so to spread the laughter, it is quite important to observe such a day. April Fool’s Day not just aims to bring laughter to people’s faces, but also reminds us that life without fun is incomplete. On this day, people pick up healthy pranks on people around them, just to distract them from their stressful schedule. It is one such event that is observed globally with great fervor and fun.

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