Drone to Detect CoronaVirus From Now

Well, we are already familiar with the role that Pandemic drone have played during this bad time in China. From distributing medicines to disinfecting the streets or warning people who don’t wear a mask or do not follow the lockdown rules. They have proven to have extended much help. After being circumvented in the East Asian country, the technology is now being used in several European countries hit hard by COVID-19 starting with France and Spain.

 Seeing the condition of the world suffering so pathetically the University of South Australia (UniSA) plans to go even further by creating a “pandemic  drone”

One of the major problems in controlling a pandemic like this is finding out who is infected and how widespread the disease is. However, asking the population of an entire city to queue up to have their temperatures taken is hardly practical and possible, the chaos it is going to create cannot be even estimated and moreover there will be a wide chance of the virus spreading and infecting healthy people also.

So to avoid this UniSA team led by defence chair of Sensor System Professor Javaan is opting for remote sensing and computer algorithms. It can also detect sneezing and coughing it can work in crowded areas like offices, airports, ships etc well.

Apart from the benefit of screening for COVID-19 virus infections this technology also has applications like monitoring baby incubators or in dealing with war zones and natural disasters, it can be extremely useful in some fields saving enormous resources and lives as well. Somehow in this difficult time, everyone is trying to contribute all they can so that we can battle against this virus. This is yet another great step taken to minimize the harm to life and health.

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