Google Pixel 4a stars in a hands-on video review, most specs revealed

Earlier, photos of the Pixel 4a surfaced, the phone stood connected to a Cuban carrier. What’s the next mid-choice of Pixel deed in Cuba? Well, showcasing in a hands-on review, deceptively, never mind that it is yet to be publically announced

The review is in Spanish, but YouTube’s auto-created and auto-decoded headings are appealing good. Plus, the most exciting details about the phone is that it has– a 5.81” 1,080 x 2,340px screen and the Snapdragon 730 want no transformation.

Before you ask, it is a 60Hz screen this is the reasonable Pixel, after all. Definitely the Pixel 4a, aka Sunfish. Around the two minute scratches, the commentator walks us through AIDA64, which exposes most of the important specs.

The phone includes a 12MP rear camera (4K video, EIS) and an 8MP selfie camera. There’s a 3.5mm headphone jack on top plus a USB-C port on the bottom to charge the 3,080mAh battery.

This specific unit about the phone is that it comes in 6GB of RAM plus 64GB storage and it’s a pretty possible thing is that this will be the only configuration that Google offers in (the 3a phones only came in 4/64GB).

The phone contains two SIM cards, the second one probably has an eSIM. Also, there are three code names connected with the Pixel 4a that is – Sunfish, Redfin and Bramble. This one (Sunfish) is evidently a 4G phone, the other two will support 5G thankyou to their Snapdragon 765 chipsets. The pixel phone comes in 4a 4G, 4a 5G and 4a XL 5G.

Nevertheless, this Pixel 4a ran on Android 10 with the 5 April security cover. This is not out yet, clearly, so it is just a beta version. However, it does have a clue at a probable launch date for the phone.

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