Google Change In Strategy - Make You Click on Ads

Google is the one-stop-shop for all web services. They provide free mail, drive, sheets and do crawling and indexing of websites free of cost. So, do you ever wonder, how is Google earning revenue? It depends on the advertisement for revenue.

In 2019, Google updated its search engine for mobile browsers to add “Favicons” or preferred icons to the search results. These are small icons on the left side of the URL representing the logo of the sites that are being displayed in the search results.

Early this year, they started rolling out this feature for desktop users. Now if you search for something on the web, you can see the tiny logos of the websites at the left-hand side of the respective website names. A Spokesperson says that this feature will enable users to understand where the information is coming from.

I don’t quite understand the concept fake websites can also put a logo or favicons. How a user could differentiate between them. Whether this feature helps the users or not, it surely helps Google to earn more profits. Let me tell you how.

How Google Is Making People Click On Ads More

See, with the “Favicons” feature, Google smartly redesigned its way of showing ads in the search results. Previously, when a user searched for something on Google, he could easily differentiate the ads from the actual organic search results. The ads were shown at the top, the bottom and on the side of the page in a box with differentiating colours. This is the easiest way a user can identify which results were ads and which results were organic.

With this new update, Google shows ads with the organic result with no differentiating line or section but with a black bold “Ad” icon. This confuses users and increases the Click-Through-rate on Google Ads.

In a Tweet last week, Google said that the new design “will put the brand of a website on the front and center helping searchers better understand where the information is coming from and can easily filter results”. On this post, many users showed their dislike for this new design, comments like, “Revert this visual shit” and “Everything looks like an Ad Now”.

Google has not yet responded to these criticisms yet. Let’s see if they could roll back this update. But overall this helps them to generate more revenue.

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