Learn How to Remove Ads On Youtube.

A Reddit user finds a very simple solution, which everyone can try to the most awaiting question as to how can remove ads from YouTube video? Take a look.

The Google owned platform, YouTube, which funds itself by displaying ads to the viewers, is one of the most popular places to watch videos on the web and on your mobile device.

But now there is a way to remove those ads without buying YouTube premium or going rogue with an ad-blocker. A Reddit user has found a simple trick to stop the ads from displaying on YouTube.

Trick to stop ads on YouTube

Who knew that getting rid of a YouTube ad would be as easy as just adding an extra dot in the URL? According to the Reddit user, unicorn4sale, YouTube ads can be bypassed by adding a dot after the domain

So now in order to see content without ads, instead of navigating to youtube.com/video, the Redditor asks to navigate to youtube.com./video. The post was first spitted by Android Police and now has almost 5000 upvotes on Reddit.

Remove Youtube Ads on mobile

The Redditor conforms that the trick also works on mobile as well and for that, all you have to do is to use the ‘desktop site’ feature.
Redditor user said that adding that the redirection happens on the server-side, so the trick also works on mobile browsers.

Why this trick works

According to the Redditor, the trick is working because websites like YouTube doesn’t normalise the hostname and this ables to display the content of the page while breaking a lot of things like, including advertisement and adding a extra dot onto to the URL lets you see the content without ad as lot of websites serve their ads through a whitelist that does not contain the extra dot.

This trick might be working for now but it may not be around for long since the post has already become popular and it is highly likely that by now YouTube knows about it and might have been working on a fix for it. So, use it till it lasts.

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