The Indian Youtuber who joined an alliance with Michelle Obama to fight for Girl’s Education

A 26-year-old YouTuber Prajakta Koli is the Indian ambassador in the Youtube Programme ‘CREATORS FOR CHANGE’ for the second consecutive year. This program is about meeting the former first lady, Michelle Obama, helping young girls to break the barriers through education and to help them grow and empower them through her video.

When Prajakta Koli first started YouTubing for her channel – ‘mostly sane’ and uploading quirky, funny videos, she had no idea about the impact it was going to make among the young influencer in inspiring them. Already being a part in youtube’s global program CREATORS FOR CHANGE in the last year, in 2019 the blogger was invited to feature in this year’s series centred around girl’s education.

This program will star some prominent personality including, Michelle Obama, an American YouTuber- Liza Koshy, south African vlogger- Thembe Mahlaba of ‘Pap Culture’ and Indian YouTuber- Prajakta Koli.

For those of you who don’t know what CREATORS FOR CHANGE is, it basically is an initiative taken by UN and youtube where 50 Youtuber around the world are chosen to create video content on the social issue. Youtube empowers these creators by helping them in creating and producing the video and later spreading the message all over the world.

Latest Youtube Video By Prajakta Koli

The theme for 2018 program was HATE SPEECH and Koli made a music video called ‘NO OFFENCE’, where she was a rapper. It was a retort against internet trolling, sexism and homophobia. This song was screened at the UN Headquarters in New York.

This year’s CREATORS FOR CHANGE was released on 17 March 2020 featuring a discussion between Michelle Obama and the creators about the state of girl’s education all over the world.
Koli visited and worked with Study Hall Educational Foundation (SHEF), an organisation that provided quality education to underprivileged girls from an urban and rural area in Lucknow. While Liza Koshy visited Vietnam, Mahlaba visited Namibia.

They all spoke to adolescence girl who is overcoming the adversity to pursue their education. The creators will come together and unpack their learning with Michelle Obama.

This program will hopefully make awareness to thousands of girl children about the importance of girls education all over the world for a better future.

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