iPhone 9 - Price and Full Specification

The upcoming new device of Apple i.e iPhone 9, the successor to the iPhone SE 2016, we have been waiting for a long time now, and it looks like finally, our wait is over and we are getting very close to its official introduction.

Some time back a report spoked about the device being delayed because of the COVID-19 virus outbreak, but apparently, the company may have had a change of its heart. And finally, Apple has decided to launch its new device this month itself, said by a trusted source.

The all-new iPhone 9 will get official on 15 April. It will then become available on 22 April. Now let’s just see if the company plans to hold an online event for the launch, or will simply issue a press release and be done with it.

The iPhone 9 will be available at $349 or $399, thus, making an entry into the mid-range price wars. Design-wise, don’t expect a blast instead the design will be from the past, with huge screen bezels and a physical, capacitive Touch ID sensor on the front, below the display (but not under it, mind you).

Leaked Pictures Of iPhone 9

As far as the release date is a concern since we all are still dealing with a pandemic, Apple’s plans might change yet again. Hopefully, they won’t.

Let’s just cross our fingers and hope that the company won’t change the launch date of the device. And soon after the launch of the iPhone 9, Google will launch its Pixel 4a which is just made to give competition to Apple mid-range device.

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