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“Jaipur” All You Need To Know Before Making a Plan in 2020

If you are planning to visit Jaipur also know as Pink city, this travel guide is the best option you could have to plan your travel. This happening Rajasthani capital is a wonderful place to spend a weekend in because it is simply bounded with grandeur and beauty.

The pink painted walls that stand tall all over the city are a breathtaking sight to experience while the magnificent castles add a touch of royalty to the modern city. Wide open motorway decorated with picturesque statues and tree beltway add further charm to the Pink City. This beautiful city will find its way to enter your heart and make you eager to come back whenever you want to.

As you read through this Jaipur travel guide, you will find that there is a lot of things to be explored in Jaipur. There are some must-visit places in Jaipur and those are

The Jal Mahal is on the top of the list, Amber fort and palace will surely be one of the places not to be missed out, and some of the forts around the city. The views of the straggly city and its environs that these forts commands are magnificent as is the history that lies buried within them. Taking a guided tour to the famous sites of Jaipur is a good way to understand the history, culture and traditions of the city.

But while you move around the heritage sites of Jaipur, do not miss out on its markets. The lavish display of colours that welcome tourists as they step inside the markets is unstoppable, and you will see yourself loaded with bright clothes, dainty parasols, unique artefacts and heavy Rajasthani jewellery. Shopping in Jaipur is an enjoyable experience to say the least. Visiting Jaipur is fun at any time of the year.

Make your way to this Jaipur guide in order to get great insights on the best Jaipur has to offer for you.

Jal Mahal

Jal Mahal

Jal Mahal also knows as Water Palace is another amazing palace in Jaipur and is surely a must-visit place in the Jaipur Travel Guide. Away from the hustle-bustle life of Jaipur, Jal Mahal is situated in the middle of Man Sagar Lake. Maharaja Jai Singh II, the ruler of Amber, ordered to built Jal Mahal.

300 acres spread waterbody around the lake boosts up the glory of this palace. Four storeys of the palace remain underwater when the lake is completely filled with water.

Due to waterlogging problems in the past, Jal Mahal was under serious threats. However, the government had to start renovation work to conserve the beauty of this historical palace.

Traditional boats, crafted in Rajputana style are available on the banks of the lake, which escorted the visitors to the palace. The Jal Mahal offers the most panoramic view at the night, as the entire palace is light up and the water reflects the beauty of this glowing palace in an extraordinary way.

Kite festival

Kite Festival Jaipur

Ever since Jaipur is painted in pink, it never changed its colour. The natural blue sky of Jaipur showcases and change its colour once every year. This unique factor occurs on the eve of every Makar Sankranti celebration, dated 14th January, when thousands of kites flying of different shapes, sizes and colour fill up the sky of Jaipur.

This festival is celebrated due to the transitional journey of the sun hence, celebrated for three consecutive days, this festival has turned out as one of the most happening festivals in the Jaipur and in this guide as well. The increasing popularity of this festival has been attracting kite lovers to showcase their skills of kite flying.

By offering pujas to the Sun God, devotees pray for their good health & wealth.

During the evenings, the Jaipur sky gets illuminated with fireworks and lantern. The beauty of the night sky lasts for three days.

Laal Maas

Laal Maas from Jaipur

Red Meat(Laal Maas) is the most popular non-vegetarian dish of Jaipur. From centuries, this dish has been soothing the taste buds of Jaipur’s food lovers. The basic ingredient of Laal Maas consists of slices of mutton, deep-fried with a mixture of traditional and exotic flavours of Rajasthan.
During the early time, Red meat was considered to be a dish only for the royals. The cooks even kept the recipe of Laal Maas secret from the common people as well as from the queens. Now, the secret of this mouth-watering dish has become known to its people, so because of which it can now be found all across Jaipur and its surrounding places.


Anokhi Jaipur

Jaipur craftwork is known all over the world, whether it’s leather products or precious gems and jewels, Jaipur has an unequalled standard. Talking about the textile products, especially the handicrafts, there are not many places in the world that have been able to match Jaipur’s level, which is the main reason Jaipur’s products are much more preferred than any of the other places.

Anokhi is one of the most visited textile shops in Jaipur. Its quality and block printing textiles are very unique and they are the only reason for Anokhi’s fame all over the world.

Most of Anokhi’s products are handcrafted and are finished by skilled craftspersons. Beadwork, patchwork, embroidery and appliqué are some of the show stoppers of Anokhi.

To keep the traditional trend of Jaipur alive among the modern trend of dressing, Anokhi has its own museum near Amber Fort called ‘Anokhi Museum of Hand Printing’. This museum exhibit a wide range of block printed clothes and demonstrates how to save traditional art.

Hot Air balloon rides

Hot Air balloon rides

Not many places in India can match the experience of hot air balloon ride in Jaipur. The most favouring season for the activity is during the festive season and it will imprint a quintessence memory in the minds of the flyers.

During the Teej festival the flyers get an opportunity to grab a bird’s view of the lively procession, the Elephant Festival is sure to fascinate the flyers with its attractive beauty.

During the kite festival, the Jaipur sky is filled with thousands of colourful kites. While flying in the hot air balloon during this festival, the colourful sky of Jaipur will overwhelm the flyers in the best possible way.

From October to March is the ideal time to go for a hot air balloon ride over Jaipur. Other than the festive seasons.

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