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PUBG Mobile Season 13 details are leaked on the internet

PUBG Mobile is one of the biggest mobile games and it sees regular updates in the form of seasons with different themes. A leak is surfacing the internet about PUBG Season 13. It is expected to be called ‘Toy Playground’ and has a toy theme. The leak suggests Lego-themed colourful guns and character skins. It may look very similar to the live-action superhero television series Power Rangers.

PUBG Moblie Season 13 details are leaked on the internet - Feedogram
PUBG Mobile Season 13 – Feedogram

According to a YouTuber, Season 13 will be called ‘Toy Playground’. The YouTuber ‘Mr. Ghost Gaming’ shared a video showing the vector gun and a pistol with a colourful Lego/Power Ranger theme. The video also shows character skins which look like a Power Rangers theme. With Season 13 Royale Pass, players will get a new AUG skin and a level 3 helmet skin. With the Royale Pass, the players will also get a choice of costume rewards which include Lava Superman and Flash Superman.

The video shared on the internet also shows a special Tribal Set with a male sheep’s skull mask and a similarly themed outfit. Further, a character named Andy is also shown who is showcased with the tagline, “I can make this gun talk.” New voice chat options are also seen in the video.

The details of PUBG Mobile Season 13 are yet to be confirmed by PUBG and Tencent.

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