PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds or PUBG Added a New Map Called Karakin
PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds or PUBG Added a New Map Called Karakin

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds or PUBG is about to begin its sixth season, with quite a few changes coming to the gameplay. But the biggest update in the new season is the addition of a new map called Karakin.

Karakin is the game’s smallest map so far, smaller than Vikendi, this makes it the most intense. You can play Karakin Map on the PUBG PC.

New Map is an isolated desert island. Karakin Map is 2×2, making it half the size of Sanhok, PUBG’s previously smallest map. Thanks to its tiny size, It gives you a more intense battle. Karakin will only support 64 players, rather than the previous standard 100.

Karakin combines mountains, underground passageways, and the more standard city-based fighting of other PUBG maps, all in the close confines of the small island.

Take A Look – Karakin Map Gameplay

An overview of PUBG’s Karakin Map

This new map also comes with extra hurdles: Black Zones. This is a new type of danger, like Red Zones of other maps, the Black Zone will periodically target a random section of Karakin and unleash a missile barrage on the area. Sometimes the buildings may be damaged by the explosions.

The new map will have Sticky Bomb throwable weapons, which can be stick to specific surfaces to blow. Now you can blowup back doors of buildings or caves and even certain rooftops can be blown open to give attackers a new way into a previously secure building.

While Karakin Map and the rest of the season 6 changes are only available on the PUBG PC, for now, no information about when it comes to PUBG Mobile, released on 23 January 2020 with consoles like Xbox to come shortly after.

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