Xiaomi RedmiBook, Mi laptops expected to launch soon in India

Apart from mobiles and TVs, Xiaomi is also known for its laptops, at least in China. The brand offers RedmiBooks in its entry-level segment of laptops and Mi Laptops as a more premium offering. Now, it looks like Xiaomi’s laptop line up is soon going to be flooded with a plethora of new devices.

Today, we have spotted six new laptops from Xiaomi on Bluetooth SIG certification platform, the RedmiBook 14 Ryzen Edition 2nd Generation, RedmiBook 16 Ryzen Edition, Mi Laptop 13.3, Mi Laptop 14, Mi Laptop 16.1, and the Mi Notebook 14. Let us have a look at what the certifications reveal.

New RedmiBooks and Mi Laptops Spotted on Bluetooth SIG

As the name suggests, the RedmiBook 14 Ryzen Edition 2nd Generation is the latest iteration of the first-generation RedmiBook 14 that was launched last year. More importantly, the name reveals that this upcoming RedmiBook 14 will feature a Ryzen processor. And that’s big news.

However, except for this one laptop, all the other laptop models that have been certified through Bluetooth SIG today — Mi Laptop 13.3, Mi Laptop 14, Mi Laptop 16.1, and the Mi Notebook 14 — are not refreshed versions of older laptops but totally new models.

The Bluetooth SIG certification reveals that all these laptops have Bluetooth v5.0 connectivity. The Mi Laptop 13.3 comes with Bluetooth v5.1 as well, suggesting that this laptop will feature a different modem/connectivity module than that of the others.

The Bluetooth SIG certifications reveal model numbers of these laptops. Each laptop has a base model number followed by various extensions, which, I think, is for a different processor, RAM, and storage configuration of the laptop. Anyway, here are the base model numbers of each laptop.

RedmiBook 14 Ryzen Edition 2nd Generation – XMA2001

RedmiBook 16 Ryzen Edition – XMA2002

Mi Laptop 13.3 – XMA1903

Mi Laptop 14 – XMA1901

Mi Laptop 16.1 – XMG2003

Mi Notebook 14 – XMA1904

These New RedmiBooks and Mi Laptops Could Be Targeted Towards India

A few days ago, Ishan Agarwal, a well-known person when it comes to leaking information of upcoming gadgets, had claimed in a Twitter post that Xiaomi could soon launch RedmiBooks and Mi Laptops in the Indian market as the brand’s India MD is said to be informing the same to the local retailers.

And now, we have come to know about these new RedmiBooks and Mi Laptops through Bluetooth SIG certification. These could very likely be the Xiaomi laptops that will launch in India soon.

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