In a previous post I told you Top 5 Psychological Thriller Movies. But in today’s post I am going to tell you about them. So let’s explain about Psychological Thriller Movies.


Spider Story:

A surveillance expert who wants to help people. An enemy comes in front of him. Which is the definition of evil. Can he stop the man before he destroys everything?
Spider Review:

The Hero of Spider, Shiva (Mahesh Babu) is satisfied to work in the job for which he is more qualified. He wants to help people. Even if he is not accepted for it. This is the reason why he is working in the surveillance wing of the Intelligence Bureau as part of the call tapping team.

But it is illegal to listen and record public calls despite being instructed. He does this with his own software. And plays the role of savior for those people. who need help. And a call he receives. She leads him to Sudalai (SJ Suryah), who is the exact opposite of him. The definition of evil, which takes pleasure in the lamentation of people.

AR Murugadoss takes some time to set up his story. To show us how Shiva works. And also spend some moments on the obligatory romantic track. Here, it’s Shalini (Rakul Preet Singh, with almost perfect lip-sync!) who plays the director’s version of the cute girl.

Shiva’s methods to trace the murderer of a young girl and her friend. And Sudalai’s chilling flashback portion set things up perfectly for a gripping thriller. And the anticipation takes on another level entirely as Sudalai enters the scene.

However, Spider goes downhill after the interval. The scenery becomes far-fetched. (an episode of Shiva using women to save a family held captive by the Sudalai). And after a point, completely impossible (Shiva trying to stop a giant boulder from wreaking havoc) Huh). And all this is followed by a mysterious scene in which Shiva is trying to save his family by using his intelligence.
Santosh Sivan gives the necessary shine to the scenes. But Harris Jayaraj’s songs are too much momentum breaker. which only add up to the length of the spider. And kill whoever creates tension between Shiva and Sudalai.
The director does not fully exploit the contrasting acting styles of his hero and villain. Mahesh Babu’s understated, almost Zen-like acting style and SJ Suriya’s over-the-top, but crowd-pleasing performance.

The writing completely turns Spider down after a point. And unlike Thuppakki (which was also about a man trying to save and a man trying to destroy).

What should have been a cat-and-mouse game in between. Good and Evil turns into such a movie. Who can’t decide between a blazing thriller and a masala film that turns out to be anything.

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