Actor Akshay Kumar recently ‘shocked’ Bollywood fans after busting a myth about not defeating WWE legend ‘The Undertaker’. Now, his comment has caught the attention of the iconic wrestler himself. In which Undertaker has said that he is “ready for a real match”. This, of course, has left fans in a frenzy online. In fact, even Akshay Kumar ‘s response to the Undertaker’s challenge has made everyone laugh out loud online.

It all started when Kumar played the Khiladi earlier this week while celebrating 25 years of the Khiladi. Revealed the truth after a meme surfaced. In which the actor was shown among some such people. Who had managed to take down the wrestling hero of the world. Reacting to the meme, Kumar wrote on his social media handle. “A fun fact though: wrestler Brian Lee played the Undertaker in the film.”

As soon as his post went viral. Many fans started tagging Mark William Callaway. He is better known by his ring name ‘The Undertaker’. until he finally answered. “Ha! Tell me when you’re ready for an actual rematch” Undertaker replied, openly challenging the player actor.

However, the reply got lost in the series of comments on Kumar’s Instagram post. It has been shared by the official handle of WWE India. And the fans could not keep calm. “The real @undertaker vs @akshaykumar? Say it!” wrote the organization, hyping all the WrestleMania fans.

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