In this season of corona with everything being virtual, what is better than watching some virtual thriller series to make your life virtually thrilling and actually setting your ‘quarantine mood’. So here is a list of top 5 thriller series that you will surely enjoy.


Toy boy is a Spanish show shot on Marbella. The show tells a story about a male stripper, Hugo Beltran(Jesus Mosquera) who served in Malaga prison for seven years for a crime he never did. As he waits for his retrials he goes on a journey to prove his innocence and that he was framed for the murder. The show is basically a steamy murder mystery thriller show. This is a 100% must watch crime thriller show and the story is greatly detailed where no one can ever guess who the real killer is till the end.


Stranger Things is an amazing thriller series with a touch of modern pop-culture. It is a science fiction horror drama created by Duffer Brothers. The show is set on a fictional town of Hawkins, Indiana where a boy gets disappear. This town is not like your regular town, rather it is filled with lots of strange things (hence the name) that may appear at any time. This is a must-watch show if you are a real thriller-freak.

  • YOU

You is an American psychological thriller series that will blow your mind. What happens when love becomes an obsession? A book store manager crosses path with a lovely female writer and instantly gets a crush on her. But this is not your regular awkward crush rather it is much more than it.  He starts stalking her in every social media and also on every other way possible and doesn’t hesitate to kill anyone that will come on his way. This show has some next-level stalking.


Narcos is an American thriller drama crime series about drugs, power, murder and politics. It is a raw gritting and original series of real-life drug stories and kingpins set in Colombia in the late 80s. As they battle in a war for drugs targeting the drug king Pablo Escobar, it surely shows some best actions of all time. As efforts are being made to stop the world’s most valuable commodity- drug, we encounter some power, fighting, politics.


Sherlock is a British crime series based on a book by Sir Arthur Conan. It stars Benedict Cumberbatch as Sherlock Holmes and Martin Freeman as Doctor John Watson. When a former army doctor, Doctor John Watson unknowingly shares a flat with an amazing individual with a thrive for solving crime mystery, Sherlock, they together take on most amazing crime cases to solve. 

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