Holi is around the corner and we cannot control our excitement. It is the festival is of colors, it can easily damage on your skin. So here we have come up with some simple tips to keep your skin safe from Holi Colors.

Here are some tips to keep your skin safe.

Rub ice cubes on your face after washing it with a face wash. This will help to close your open skin pores through which colours can seep into your skin.

You will be spending an immense amount of time outdoors playing Holi, so it is vital that you apply a high SPF and waterproof sunscreen all over your face and other exposed body parts. This will protect your skin against sun damage.

You should apply a heavy moisturizer or almond oil all over your body to keep it hydrated and to act as a protective barrier against the colours and water that will be splashed all over you. Remember this should be done before your head out to play with colours.

Don’t forget to oil your hair as it can absorb large amounts of colours and can be severely damaged.

Apply petroleum jelly on your lips, eyelids, and ears. This will protect them from dryness and will help in taking off colors easily.

Make sure you trim your nails and apply a thick coat of nail polish. Long nails can accumulate colors that are hard to clean. It looks shabby and you can also end up consuming it while you eat your food with your hands.

You must wear a breathable fabric like cotton as synthetic clothes can trap colours and cause dryness, itchiness and allergies.

Enjoy the festival of Holi while you stay safe!

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