This Study Will Perfect Your TRAVEL TRIP TO GOA: Read or Miss Out

Have you ever been to goa in your life?

Well if do not worry today you will be going to witness the thrill and excitement of never been to goa. If your Indian then you pretty much know about goa where it is and why it is famous. But if you’re not Indian then believe it the most beautiful place of beaches in the sub-continent is no other is “GOA”. Yes, Goa is one of the famous tourist locations in India for its different mind-blowing aspects.

. The night-life of goa

. The water sports activities

. The most iconic beaches in India are nowhere except goa.

. There is a total of 70 beaches in goa so just realize how much you have once you have been to the place.

. The most famous beach is the Baga beach.

. Do not apart from other cities of India Goa is very safe for tourist to enjoy and have fun.

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If you do not know much about Goa. I’d suggest you watch a movie before you will experience goa on every vacation. The famous movie “Dil Chahta Hai”. This is a movie for everyone who has never been to goa in their youngsters, teen or adults.

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