2019 was a great year for streaming, and while Twitch continues to rule the stream when it comes to platforms, rivals such as YouTube Gaming and Mixer take small bites out of at its market share.

As per the State of Stream report for 2019 by Stream Elements, Twitch still commands a 73 percent share of the streaming market, but it saw a 2 percent decline this year. League of Legends took back the crown of the most popular games on Twitch in terms of hours watched, while Fortnite took the second place in 2019 after topping the charts last year.

Tfue emerged as the top streamer of Twitch in 2019, while old classics such as World of Warcraft and Dungeons & Dragons saw a revived interest.

Stream Elements’ latest State of the Stream reports says that the big four streaming platforms recorded a steady growth this year in terms of viewership hours. Twitch’s viewership went up by 20 percent to 9.34 billion hours, while Mixer and Facebook Gaming recorded a huge growth of 149 percent and 210 percent respectively.

Overall, Twitch still commands a lion’s share of the streaming market at 73 percent as of 2019, which is 2 percent lower compared to last year. All three key rivals grew at Twitch’s expense, with YouTube Gaming now commanding a 21 percent market share, while Facebook Gaming and Mixer end the year at 3 percent market share each.


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