You Can Now Update Window 10 According To Your Wish

Microsoft has launched its Windows 10 Optional updates experience and this will allow users to select and choose non-critical updates for installation. It will improve the update experience for Microsoft Windows 10 users and developers. The developers/manufacturers will now have an option to set their drivers to ‘Manual’ or ‘Automatic’. This latest update will give users an option to ignore a particular update installation such as patches, drivers, and non-security updates.

Many hardware driver updates will still be installed automatically and the others will be shown in the Optional updates page, reported Windows Latest. Through this, the users will know what is included in the update. Updates related to drivers for keyboard, mouse, graphics, and other devices are shown in the Optional updates section. These updates do not interfere with the core functioning of the Windows and therefore, the users can take decisions about whether they want to install them.

The rolled out changes are live but will not be available for all the users. The new changes are likely being rolled out in batches and they might be available for all after some time. This feature is not visible in Windows 10 – 1909, says Bleepingcomputers.

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If a driver is marked ‘Automatic’ then that will get installed automatically during the update whereas if it is marked ‘Manual’ the driver will be added to the Optional updates section.

This feature was available in Windows 7 but for Windows 10 Microsoft bundled all the updates together.

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