Fake Xiaomi websites on the internet amid the coronavirus lockdown

Xiaomi has witnessed many challenges in India. One such challenge is meeting demand, however, Xiaomi has come a long way from its infamous ‘flash sales’ days.

But even after all this time, some of its products are still very hard to get in the first or second round of sales. The scammers and scalpers continue to exploit customers to this day.

“Due to nationwide Coronavirus lockdown, e-commerce platforms are prohibited from selling non-essentials, including smartphones; a sketchy website claims to be offering Xiaomi products as available to ‘buy now.’

The mi-home.in website was first spotted by XDA’s Tushar Mehta and it seems like a rather lazy attempt at copying Xiaomi’s official online store mi.com/in and a blatant claim to represent a Mi India Authorized Store.

It has put up top-selling phones of Xiaomi like the Redmi Note 9 Pro and Redmi K20 Pro, as well as some Mi LED smart TVs, other products like the Mi Band 3, power banks, etc. Poco X2 is also available on the website which is unrelated to Xiaomi as Poco is a different brand now.

The category head of Xiaomi India Raghu Reddy has confirmed that the mi-home.in website is fake. The company is internally investigating the issue and further action will be taken accordingly.

This is not the first time Xiaomi’s popularity has been exploited by the third-party fraudsters in India. In December last year, over 2,000 fake Xiaomi products worth Rs.13 lakh were allegedly seized from four shops in Gaffar Market, New Delhi.

Such counterfeited products are a big threat to consumer safety and also pose a huge risk to the data security of customers. These products can start malfunctioning and the user might be unaware of the hazards that such products can cause.

A fake website is more dangerous because it could trick you in a host of ways, like phishing attacks to steal your financial details. The option of ‘buy now’ on every product on the fake Xiaomi website will take you to a blank page now, but, it has the potential to scam you in countless ways.

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