Through the crowdfunding platform, Xiaomi has introduced an all-new home appliance product. The company is offering the product at Rs.17,999 for the robot vacuum cleaner but the company needs at least 10,000 interested buyers to bring the product to India. There is another catch as well, even if the company gets 10,000buyer, the product will start shipping only in September.

The Mi vacuum cleaner is currently available only in black colour in India but it is also available in white colour in China. The company claims that they are selling the cleaner at flat Rs.7000 discount.

The cleaner has a dual cleaning mode- sweeping and mopping. To power the vacuum it has a 2100Pa brushless motor. The robot gets 12sensor in order to manoeuvre around the house. The sensor also creates a 3D map of the house and the user can even access the map to allocate the cleaner to certain places of the house.

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The company claims that the Xiaomi Mi Vacuum Cleaner with a 3200mAh battery can run up to 60 to 130 minute. As it is a smart appliance, it will find its own way to the charging pad once it reaches the power saving mode.

There are many other functions of the cleaner that can be accessed through the Xiaomi’s Mi Home application. In the application, the user can create a virtual wall in the living space that will restrict the cleaner to go to those spaces. The robot can even demonstrate its cleaning in the application. The smart device is supported by a quad-core 1.2 GHz chipset which is also paired with a dual-core GPU.

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