Xiaomi Mi 10 Pro’s display

The Mi 10 Pro is Xiaomi’s first creation that can change and challenge high- end smartphones, and it unveils itself as an impressive, dynamic, and very ‘smart’ concept. From the first half of the year, the Mi flagship smartphone has closed the distance to the established 2020 smartphone elite in terms of the desirable camera, system performance, and other great attractive features. But as all good things come with a price, this comes too even when purchasing the phone from the Chinese manufacturer in Shenzhen that is known for its excellent price-performance ratio.

Mi 10 Pro Display
Mi 10 Pro Display

This is just the beginning of a new bright era, and the latest generation of the Mi-series coming into the picture has become even better. With a marginal sales revenue price of 999 Euros in Europe, Xiaomi has not only closed the gap between it and the Huawei P40 Pro or Oppo Find X2 Pro when it comes to features but also in terms of other aspects like in terms of price, which warrants some criticism. The Mi 10 Pro does not offer top-notch specifications in every category, after all.

For example, we do regret the absence of a 120 Hz panel with a 1440p resolution on the datasheet, even though its practical use compared to the installed 90 Hz full HD+ display of the Mi 10 Pro remains in question. The display appears sharp, but even then, one can quickly notice the pixel density when text is displayed, and this may be bothersome for demanding users. It depends upon the users now what they are paying more attention to because this phone can impress and disappoint the smart users simultaneously.

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